Iktsaurpok – Alone Forever In An Empty Universe

Okay folks, here’s an update to the demo version of Iktsaurpok. I got some great feedback on the demo, and I spent some time cleaning things up and tweaking the mix, and here is the finished version! Thanks for following along on this journey. I hope you enjoy seeing the process as I post multiple versions of music on SoundCloud as I progress through the production process. I don’t know when this will get released broadly, but I suspect that this will get rolled into the next Robort release. Click on the link to go to soundcloud and read the full details. Thanks again for listening!

Prince is brave

Last week I went to see Prince. I expected him to play all the hits. He didn’t. Well, there were a few, but they were re-arranged and slowed down. He had a full on fro, and he played a lot of Hendrix. Was it a coincidence that he was playing in Seattle? Or is he just that good that he can switch up his set like that?

His band rocked. An all girl band, up until the second half when a dude walked on stage with a cowbell and played it the rest of the night.

So here’s the thing. He’s good. And he knows it. Everyone was completely entertained and blown away. Girls were screaming. And he didn’t play any hits. In fact, he ended the night with a few covers. And we loved it anyway.

That takes guts. That takes talent.