Hey, I’ve been making a bunch of playlists of various tunes that are rad. I’ve been listening to a lot of moody synth stuff and post-post-rock/post-black-metal goodness, but there are a lot of other nuggets mixed in.

You can check out my Spotify profile, which has the long list of playlists in the series “Melancholy Mondays”, as an alternative to all the happy Friday playlists that everyone makes all the time. You might need to install something to see my full profile, but you don’t need to install anything for the direct playlist links below, and this is all free and stuff.

The latest playlist is Melancholy Mondays 18.

Previous playlists: Melancholy Mondays 17, Melancholy Mondays 16, etc.

Oh, and I’m also collecting some good songs for 2013.