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Kai grew up with music in the home, and his musician parents immersed him in a wide variety of music from around the world. Today, Kai continues that spirit of discovery and he embraces a wide variety of genres. Starting out on trumpet at age 9, he has expanded to drums, percussion, theremin, and voice. Even more, with decades of experience, he composes and teaches music to students of all ages.

Kai has recorded and/or performed with Stuart Dahlquist, Joel RL Phelps, Gary King, Greta Harley, Amy Denio, Gino Jevdjevic, Jane Mabrey-Smith, Briga Dajczerand, Sean Moe, and a long list of other fantastic human beings. He has also served on the boards for Seattle Composer Alliance and HONK! Fest West, and enjoys supporting Seattle’s music creators. Kai has spent most of his life in San Francisco, Ashland, OR, and now resides in Seattle.

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