About Kai

Kai Strandskov is a private teacher (drums and math), performer, recording artist, and composer living in Seattle. He teaches online lessons out of his home studio. Kai has recorded with Stuart Dahlquist (DAMA/LIBRA), Gary King, Greta Harley (Love and Fury), Amy Denio (Love and Fury), Gino Jevjevic (The Light), Jane Mabrey-Smith (Virago), Sean Moe (Stereo Creeps), and a long list of other fantastic human beings. Kai recently served on the boards for HONK! Fest West, and the Seattle Composers Alliance. He is proud to advocate for music makers in Seattle.

Check out the full biography for more background. Or head over to the music page, to get the lowdown on specific projects. Or if you want music lessons, hit him up on the lessons page. By the way, he also tutors math, flexing that degree in Mathematics from Southern Oregon University. Keep in touch!

Drum and music lessons by Kai Strandskov

I’ve been performing, touring, and recording as a drummer and percussionist for 30 years. My background in trumpet also provided me with ear training and music theory that I use as a composer.   I’ve recently taken up theremin–a fretless and touchless instrument that challenges my intonation abilities. Through these experiences, I have a broad perspective on instrumentation, texture, and the integration of percussion and music.

I always tailor my private music lessons to the goals of my students. As we work toward your goals, I weave in core concepts while encouraging each student’s own voice or style.  My primary philosophy is that music should be rewarding, so I want to help you have fun today, see progress tomorrow, and also build a foundation to set you up for success with future challenges.

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Here’s a list of my projects, with links and videos.

You might want to check out this Spotify playlist , which is a running playlist of projects I’ve been involved in that are available on Spotify.

Check out my youtube channel for a steady stream of videos, both in the studio, live, and other creations and experiments.

Music for Film – click here for my film music

Selected Works

For a full sampling of all my projects, keep reading on.

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Ensorcelled, Again! — new video from Everything Oscillating

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