Drum and music lessons by Kai Strandskov

I’ve been performing, touring, and recording as a drummer and percussionist for 30 years. My background in trumpet also provided me with ear training and music theory that I use as a composer.   I’ve recently taken up theremin–a fretless and touchless instrument that challenges my intonation abilities. Through these experiences, I have a broad perspective on instrumentation, texture, and the integration of percussion and music.

I always tailor my private music lessons to the goals of my students. As we work toward your goals, I weave in core concepts while encouraging each student’s own voice or style.  My primary philosophy is that music should be rewarding, so I want to help you have fun today, see progress tomorrow, and also build a foundation to set you up for success with future challenges.

Drum lessons

My focus as a performer and recording artist is on the drum kit, which is a superset of the core snare drum. Within customized lesson plans, I typically include the following key concepts: Hand technique, relaxation, time-keeping, sight-reading, rudiments, music styles, listening/watching, dynamics, phrasing, rhythmic feel, creativity, performance, and more. These concepts are learned in context of your personal needs, and I always make sure we’re having tons of fun!

I also specialize in snare drum techniques, if you are looking to focus on that super dynamic and yet subtle instrument.

We can also work on programming electronic music if you want to.

Whatever we’re working on–I approach it holistically as music education, not just percussion technique.

Learning Environment

I meet in-person or online with students, whether person to person or as a group. When online, I typically use Zoom because of their musician focused services. In the youtube playlist below, you can see what my studio looks like during online lessons, and how the drums sound. I can move my cameras around for specific angles as needed. I also have a mic for talking, so we can interact quite naturally. You just need a phone or tablet, and we’re good to go! Online lessons are great for busy people who just want to drop in and out conveniently, or for students outside the Seattle area.

For in-person lessons, I have a studio in Sodo where we can meet. The studio is clean, spacious, has AC and air filtering, and parents are welcome to stay or drop off students. Note that the studio is in a musician rehearsal building, so it is a vibrant and creative environment surrounded by fellow musicians in nearby rooms.

Kai Strandskov teaching while sitting at the drum set.

Additional music topics

For other musical instrumentalists and songwriters, I can help you  take your playing to the next level by teaching percussion concepts in context of your chosen musical instrument.  Understanding how to integrate this often overlooked aspect of performance and composition can dramatically improve the rhythmic feel of your portfolio. Learn how to take advantage of rhythmic concepts and elements to improve your sense of time, note placement within each measure, sight reading, push and pull time across phrases, rhythmic feel, pragmatic use of a metronome, and more. As a composer, I can work with you to understand how a percussionist approaches a score or lead sheet, how we think, what we find useful, and so on.

Many musicians and composers do not have this very important knowledge!

I can also dig into music theory for the instrument of your choice, to expand your knowledge on music theory concepts that include sight reading, composition (electronic and/or old school), harmony, ear training, learning techniques, and more.  These are all concepts that transcend specific instruments and can help you learn new instruments quickly.

Get in touch to see how I can help coach your musical journey.


I’ve been in a band with Kai Strandskov for over two years now and I cannot recommend him highly enough!  First of all, Kai is a fabulous drummer. His technical skills and timing are completely on point. The thing that strikes me the most about him, however, is that he is constantly learning and always trying to improve. His curiosity and delight with music always shine through. To me, that is a mark of a great musician. In addition to his musical skills, Kai is an exceptionally kind, caring and honest person.

-Elena DeLisle  (206) 713-0318

Guitarist, The Debaucherauntes, Touloulou

Owner/Director of Shoreline Music Together

Private Piano and Guitar teacher since 1999

Pricing and policies

I always start with a complimentary consultation to get to know each other, identify goals, and develop a lesson plan. As we proceed toward your goals, I continually adjust lessons so that we progress at your speed and within your interests. I believe the heart of learning is trust and open communication. Email me today for your free consultation.

Online lessons are $50-$75 (sliding scale) for lessons between 30 to 60 mins. I can offer a discount for group lessons. In-person lessons are in 30-minute increments at $50-$75 (sliding scale) per 30 minutes.

Lessons are typically on a weekly basis. Payments are made monthly, and are due at the first lesson of the month, following a “tuition” model. 24 hour advance notice is required for cancelations. For less than 24 hour notice, I’m happy to try to reschedule to an open time within the next month, if available. I accept cash or online payment. I’m also happy to make special arrangements for one-off lessons. Just get in touch and we’ll figure it out!

You should expect to buy some lesson materials and equipment. For drummers, this includes a practice pad, snare stand, music stand, and sticks. You may also wish to buy learning materials, usually books, that we progress through–many of which will serve you as long as you play music. We will discuss specifics at the initial consultation.

I’m really looking forward to joining you on your musical adventure!

Kai Strandskov