Math Tutoring

I have a background in mathematics and computer science, having earned a B.S. in mathematics from Southern Oregon University (SOU). I minored in computer science, and ended pursuing a software career for 15 years. But I’m not just passionate about math–I’m passionate about teaching math.

At SOU, my focus was on calculus, mathematical modeling, and chaos theory. While in college, I worked in the help center for the math department, working with students from a wide set of backgrounds, and an even wider range of interest levels. I also worked as a private math tutor for mainly high school kids during that time.


Tutoring is as much about providing math therapy as it is actually helping with the math itself. Some people seek a tutor to expand their knowledge and accelerate their learning. But, by far, the majority of people seeking help are dealing with math trauma: frustration, embarrassment, past teaching methods that don’t fit their personality or background, and anxiety or even dread about impending deadlines and grades. When it comes to math, the fight-or-flight response is very real. I accept how you’re feeling about all this, and I am here to help you manage these feelings, and head down a path of healing.

The vast majority of people struggling with math are completely equipped to excel, but just have had a series of life experiences that have created a few gaps in understanding. Many students have the illusion that there is something wrong with them personally, but the truth is that they just need to learn a couple things, have some successes, and then they’ll do great. Math builds and builds and builds, and so it’s very likely you are just missing a few pieces of your foundation. We’ll seek those out and get everything all patched up together.

Most people seeking help with math don’t actually like math. I have no illusions about this, and I am here solely to help with your goals. While some are trying to get on the fast track, the vast majority of people just want to pass and that would be fine. I’m here to provide you practical solutions and motivation to achieve your goals, not to persuade you to become a mathematician. So, I work with you to set goals at the beginning so we can get to work and get you some early successes. I will never do your homework for you. But I will give you practical tools, experience, and insight for what you want to accomplish.

Everyone has their own style of learning. I’ll seek out your style, and teach to your strengths. This is one of the big advantages of one-on-one sessions where I can adapt to your very specific needs.

We all need coaches and cheerleaders. I will be your biggest cheerleader!

How it works

I’m always seeking out fresh ways to effectively communicate concepts. For convenient online lessons, I currently have a two camera setup so that you can watch me scribble close up on a white board while watching me make funny faces. I also subscribe to an online service that allows me to quickly gather flash cards, practice problems, and learning content in an online, multimedia environment. This is highly engaging and effective because it is multimedia. With this combo, we can work together, and you have the option of continuing beyond our sessions for even further flexibility and efficiency. If you wanna record our sessions, go for it.

With in-person lessons, I use a tablet so I can write and draw concepts and search up additional internet content easily.


Online, I charge $50 to $75 per hour, sliding scale (no questions asked). In-person, I assess an additional fee depending on drive time in the Seattle area. The first consultation is free, as we spend some time with introductions, our backgrounds, discussing goals, and other admin topics before jumping into the work. I recommend starting with meeting twice/week, as very often you have an impending deadline and need some quick help immediately. Payments are in advance, paid monthly, and due before the 1st of the month. I require 24 hour notice of cancelation, and I can reschedule the session or prorate the next month. Obviously things happen, so in the case of less than 24 hour cancelation, I am still happy to reschedule if I have time–but I cannot provide a refund. This tends to work well for everyone; we get our monthly planning out of the way once/month, and then spend the majority of our time on your success. I prefer electronic payments, such as PayPal. I teach ages 9+.

I’m here for you

You can stand on your own two feet when it comes to math. You may have had some bad experiences, you may just not enjoy the subject matter, or you may just have some gaps in understanding. But you don’t have to endure this alone, and you can get back on the trajectory that you desire. I’m excited to join you on your math journey and give you the skills to survive out there. Let’s do this together!

Wishing you success,

Kai Strandskov
B.S. in Mathematics, Southern Oregon University

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