Hello again!

It looks like it’s been 2 and a half years since my last post! How could this be??

Well, things suddenly got busy! While a lot of this blog has been focused on being consistent, I had to drop a lot of things so that I could focus on music and my day job. So, I guess I was still consistent–when it came to music, not writing.

But I’ve been traveling up to Vancouver, BC off and on to play with folks up there.  And went out to Austin a few times with Bucharest Drinking Team and The m9.  And the Debaucherauntes released an album, and went on a west coast tour.  And then I started working on my own solo album, which released recently.  And I volunteered to be on the HONK! Fest West committee this year as Community Manager–taking care of our online community, as well as sending out communications.  This has also been a year of theater! I performed in the band for a country western musical Let’s Be Silver, and was tupan player / band leader in Gino Yevdjavic’s production of Tesla Projekt: The Light.

What’s next? Well, I’m continuing with Debaucherauntes and an upcoming tour, working on more solo music, learning a bunch of instruments, seeking more music students, and starting some new bands.  I’ll update the calendar when I have some specific dates.