Oscillating Forever

After two years of performing and recording and touring, Everything Oscillating has come to a close. It’s kind of astounding any music project involving more than one person ever gets off the ground. Even if you come together on the music, everyone is such a different person, with different motivations and opinions. And then beyond that, there are all the events and conditions that are out of everyone’s control. In the end, it was just a simple matter of timing that brought this project to a close: it was time for the bass player to inevitably move back east to be with family. It was always in the cards, but finally that’s the hand we were dealt.

This kind of thing is sadly all too common. But on the other hand, we had some fun times and got an amazing recording out of it.

I’m truly proud of the record, and I feel like it’s one of the rare moments that I was able to “say” most of what I intended. One of my favorite recordings for sure.

Thanks for those who came out and wished Mike farewell and cheered us on one last time. It was an honor to share the bill with Moon Letters and Authentic Luxury. And Mike, anywhere you go, great music will be made. I’m looking forward to your next chapter. But for now, here’s the final show in entirety.

For the sake of completion, I should also mention that we did create a music video for the opening track on the album. Thanks so much for your support, coming out to shows, listening to the record, and encouraging us to keep going. It really meant a lot.

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