New Album Release from Everything Oscillating

This was a year in the making, after coming out of quarantine. Kicked my butt in every good way possible. I had retooled my hand technique and this music completely utilized it to the max. The mixing and mastering process exceeded my expectations, and we even have a customized master to give us the vinyl experience that we wanted as vinyl lovers. I’m proud to share this with you today. This is the album we wanted to make solely for ourselves, with the hopes that maybe someone else might like it. It would be an honor if you took a moment and listened today on your favorite platform, or even bought the vinyl if that’s your thing. And please let me know what you think. More info below.

Reviews for “The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are”:

“An opportunity for master instrumentalists to get out from behind a genre and just have fun creating sounds and music without barriers.” – Progressive Rock Central

“They’ve been playing around Seattle, leaving audiences slack-jawed with their high-energy brand of complex jazz-rock….The album [The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are] is a blast to hear from start to finish, and balances supreme technique with artistic taste in a way that very few shredders can match.” – Exposé Online

“Superbly executed, catchy, super fun, wildly interesting prog masterpiece by this PNW virtuoso trio. Highly recommended!!!” – Dean Alan Swanson

“Tight melody driven guitar trio with harmonized lines and interesting shifts in meter. Great tone and playing. Progressive without being stodgy or all over the place. The tunes make sense if that makes sense. Excellent work here!” – Ken Sokolov

Everything Oscillating band photo

Stay tuned for tour details. Tour kicks off February 15, 2024.

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