New Release: Goat Sounds by Stereo Creeps

It’s finally here! Check it out!

Goat Sounds by Stereo Creeps

The genesis of this album was the idea of jointly releasing a double sided split EP along with the band Suitcase. We each had a song that had a lot in common with each other, and it was exciting to try something different and just release them together. But then the pandemic hit, and that idea went on ice and then ultimately abandoned. We did end up meeting for an outdoor video shoot and were satisfied, given the circumstances, that we could do an online split video release with Suitcase of our song Goat Sounds and their song Brothers of the Deep. But the idea of vinyl was put to bed.

But we kept writing music during the pandemic, and so we started thinking about putting together a compilation of random stuff. We had a few live tracks previously recorded at Earwig Sessions with a live studio audience, and then we could add a few pandemic era songs. Yet, once quarantine lifted and bands were getting back to playing and recording, we immediately went in to Earwig Studio to record the actual real album we had previously planned, that had also been put on ice during the pandemic. Now we had two albums and question was what to release first.

Ultimately, we decided the compilation was a Winter album, while the other album should be a Summer album. Yet, we kept churning out music, so we added another track to the compilation. Then, when Sean put together the track order, we suddenly realized this was no longer just a compilation–it was a full blown album in its own right. No longer a jumble of odds and ends, this album flows from one song to the next and tells a story.

And so we are pleased to release Goat Sounds, by Stereo Creeps, on Valentines Day, February 14, 2023. Enjoy!

Goat Sounds by Stereo Creeps

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