Welcome to Murderville

I’m very excited to share with you that our 48 Hour Film Project submission “Welcome to Murderville”, which includes my debut original soundtrack, is available for viewing online. If you’re not familiar with the 48 Hour Film Project, this is a festival with very strict requirements for admission and judging that are centered around creating an original film within 48 hours. That short time span includes writing the script, and so necessarily even the soundtrack cannot really be fully realized until the script is significantly underway. This was my first participation, and it was a complete blast. It’s stressful, but the good kind of stress that draws out the highest creativity from everyone involved. I learned a lot, and I’m looking forward to next time!

Here is the IMDB listing where you can get all the details.

We have already submitted to a few film festivals and I have received Honorable Mention for Original Soundtrack in two festivals so far. We will also be making a director’s cut of the film where we are not constrained by the original rules of 48 Hour Film Project. The director’s cut will include an updated soundtrack by yours truly. I’ll keep you posted.

Relevant awards so far:

  • Cult Critic Movie Awards: Outstanding Achievement Award – Best Film Score
  • Virgin Spring Cinefest: Outstanding Achievement Award – Best Film Score

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